Live View of Your Workforce.

Reliable. All The Info You Need In One Place.

Unify sales, estimating, and delivery so you can assess utilization and match the right people to the right projects to maximize client outcomes.

  • Live view of current and future availability
  • Accurate forecast of staffing needs
  • Comprehensive resource resumes - project history, skills, certifications
  • Real-time responsiveness

Drive More Revenue.

Integrated Lead and Opportunity Management.

Take the guesswork out of business development and get your pipeline aligned, from sales through close-out.

  • Track work from lead -> opportunity -> project -> close out
  • Capture and spread institutional knowledge with integrated data management
  • Grow and track relationships with clients and partners
  • Automate workflows and emails

Plan For Success.

Pipeline and Resource Forecasting.

Get proactive with resource assignments and explore project and resource tradeoffs to get the most out of every project and resource.

  • Forecast demand and reserve resources
  • Determine project similarity and the best-fit resource with AI
  • Understand how resource decisions affect the bottom line
  • Craft and evaluate multiple scenarios simultaneously

Match Skills Effectively.

Integrated, Live Resumes.

Find the right resources for your projects. Improve project delivery with best-fit staffing.

  • Sort by experience - complexity, client, external team, custom fields
  • Align experience and skills with project demands
  • See skills gaps before they impact projects and clients
  • Access manager only insights about each team member

Make Analytics Your Advantage.

Unparalleled Data Analytics and Forecasting.

Tame the volatility in the construction and real estate market by gaining clear foresight and a detailed understanding of how best to adjust your workforce to be most efficient. Now and in the future.

  • Understand today's performance and tomorrow's utilization
  • Track and manage non-chargeable operations
  • Recognize trends and how best to adjust your workforce
  • Craft and evaluate multiple scenarios simultaneously

Immediate Value.

Meet Your Company's Unique Needs.

RM ONE is easy to use, integrates with your systems, and does not require a heavy lift from IT. We take care of it for you.

  • Use historical data to start seeing the benefit immediately
  • Connect to your CRM, Project Management, HR, and Accounting
  • Get custom workflows that meet your needs